The elite tool for artist management.

We've developed a solution to help musicians move from the garage to touring and beyond. Track your goals, manage your resources, and grow your audience with

Inside the platform

Management is hard, especially if you don't have a manager. You’re bombarded by emails, social media, merch, tour planning and countless other tasks taking you away from what you love - creating. We took the most tedious tasks and consolidated them all in one easy to use platform. Now you can spend less time managing and more time building your career.

Dashboard Overview

Easily view, track, and benchmark your most important performance goals across social, merch, mailing, and more.


Receive calculated recommendations for fan engagement and strategic tour planning to help maximize your growth.

Smart Links

Create a landing page of links for promoting songs, tours, videos, merch, or anything else.

We understand the struggle. Everyone wants a percentage of your brand and you're already penny pinching to build your dream. We're hoping our platform helps artist get more paychecks, build their livelihood, and stay independent as long as possible. In the coming weeks we plan on adding musicians/managers to test what we've built. Join the mailing list to stay informed!